Life at Zealant



Thank you for being here. Our goal is to share a behind-the-scenes view of what it’s like to work at Zealant from the perspective of our employees. We’ll also use this blog as a forum to communicate news, views and tips regarding career opportunities at Zealant. We value your perspective and encourage comments that are on-topic and add value but that do not spam, denigrate or offend. We look forward to having engaging conversations with you.

Inspiring. Empowering. Rewarding. Fun.

These are some of the words people commonly use to describe their careers at Zealant. As an Zealant employee, you’re encouraged to be creative. Think way outside the box. And work with some of the industry’s most innovative clients on high-impact projects requirements. No matter what you do at Zealant,  you’ll play a part in shaping the future.



 Fun @ Zealant

  • Cultivate fun. Make our office an exciting place to be by holding frequent contests, celebrations, and team-building activities. 
  • Acknowledge anniversaries. Celebrate the day each employee joined our team. Let them know how much we appreciate their contributions with a small gift, cake, or token of gratitude for the role they play in the company.
  • Build a “Wall of Fame.” Designate an area where we can post pictures of team members, thank-you notes from clients and customers, and clippings about the organization’s success. Celebrate our people whenever and wherever we can.
  • Step out occasionally. Plan occasional group excursions to get everyone out of the office once in a while. Have a group lunch in a nice restaurant, hold an off-site meeting at a museum or botanical gardens, or take everyone on an impromptu trip to the movies.

Women In Business

Women professionals have unique experiences and challenges throughout their careers. The women of Zealant founded Zealant Women in Business (Zealant WIB) to discuss relevant issues and support one another in their business lives.

Zealant WIB has two missions:

1. Mentoring: WIB supports orientation activities for new female hires, invites outstanding speakers to discuss their career progression and success tips, organizes internal panels to discuss relevant issues, participates in company-wide WIB conferences and other development activities.

2. Networking: The group organizes recreational activities to promote bonding within and across all offices. These include community outreach events, as well as social gatherings where women at all levels get to know one another in informal settings.

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